"A passion for telling stories that matter."

As a cinematographer, editor and documentary filmmaker with more than twenty-five years of professional production experience under my belt, I can tell you I really love what I do. Whether creating a feature documentary, shooting an independent film or editing a 30-second spot, I have a passion for telling interesting stories - and doing it in the most engaging and creative ways I can. I've been fortunate to have worked on a lot of productions over the years ranging from corporate and industrial programs, to broadcast television shows, independent short and feature films and more. I've even worked on a few studio films. And I've picked up some awards along the way - including three Emmys.
"Tim is hands down the most creative editor I've ever worked with. His knowledge of the editing software, his artistic skill, combined with his ability as a storyteller makes for an outstanding project every time."
- Emmy Award winning PBS producer Bryan Shadden